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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins for Wordpress

Wordpress is a platform that many bloggers use because of the amount of benefits that can be seen. Wordpress Plugins make blogging life a heck of a lot easier for a lot of bloggers. The best affiliate marketing plugins for Wordpress may depend on which affiliate network or programs you work with through your blogs.

There are a variety of plugins for Wordpress for the affiliate marketer on the internet. Using the right plugin can direct a great deal of traffic to your blog. Along with increased traffic comes an increase in income. Using the wrong plugin can mean a waste of time and in some cases a waste of money.  For that reason, finding the right plugin is particularly important.

This particular blog post will provide you with an assortment of plugins that are enormously beneficial for affiliate marketing purposes. Depending on which types of affiliate programs you belong to can determine which Wordpress plugin will work best for your blog.

Although I don’t use the Wordpress platform for blogging for those bloggers that do, take the time to review these and use them to benefit your blog and boost your affiliate marketing income. The reviews of users are above par for all of these. You may not necessarily need to use all plugins listed here in your blog, but try several and determine which mixture creates the best formula for growing traffic for affiliate marketing for your particular blog.

AffiLinker Affiliate Wordpress Plugin
This particular plugin for Wordpress blogs is great for monetizing given keywords. The keywords used in blog posts are converted into profitable affiliate links automatically by the plugin.

There are a number of choices to select how you would like to use the placement of keywords and control of the affiliate links that are related to these same keywords. You can even assemble the affiliate links in the form of a tag cloud in the blog sidebar or footer.

Another great feature of AffiLinker Affiliate Wordpress plugin is the ability to track each click received on the affiliate link/keywords. This is wonderful and similar to analytics that can be used to create the most profitable or best performing keywords and posts from information gathered and analyzed.

AffiLinker Affiliate Wordpress plugin is working as an analytic tool inside of any other analytics you use for your blog. Though, this tool is focused only on keyword and affiliate links of those keywords.

Having this information in hand makes for better focus on which keywords, links and content to fine tune for increasing traffic and income. By fine tuning content you can make your visitors want or even love to click on your affiliate links. Focusing the right traffic to the right place will guarantee more sales and more money.

see affiliate link for this blog if interested in Affilinker Wordpress Plugin. This is one that does have a nominal fee.

Gocodes Wordpress Plugin
This is a simple plugin for Wordpress bloggers. Gocodes is used to turn an affiliate link into a trusted link or a link that visitors to your blog are more likely to click on. In other words it can mask an affiliate link to appear as a professional link with customized URL words in the link associated with a specified blog.

For example, a Gocodes Link for a kindle reader would be . Gocodes is one of the best affiliate marketing plugins for Wordpress blogs as well as one of the easiest to use and install.

Amazon is a tremendously popular and profitable affiliate program for a multitude of bloggers. The Link Localizer plugin for Amazon affiliate sales has a number of various benefits.

·         Amazon affiliate links can be embedded into blog posts. Instead of logging into Amazon to create the affiliate link the link can be manufactured directly from Wordpress. The Wordpress Dashboard can hold the Amazon affiliate links for you.
·         Links are fashioned from each individual visitor’s geographical location which is wonderful and makes sales more likely to occur. Imagine a visitor from the UK reading through your blog and having all of the Amazon affiliate links fashioned for UK Amazon affiliate product links? This works great for any blog niche.
·         Along with Amazon affiliate links, AmazonAffiliate Link Localizer also allows you to create Amazon product widgets for a blog

This plugin is a definite plus for any blogger working with Amazon as an affiliate program.

Clickbank Affiliate Wordpress Plugin
ClickBank Buy Now buttons can be used in your blog with this plugin for Wordpress. For selected ClickBank products the Buy Now button can be placed in blog posts, pages of your blog as well as short codes around your blog.

Affiliates with ClickBank can also use the Clickbank HopAdBuilder in blogs to integrate ads from ClickBank right into blog designs similar to having Google AdSense or Chitika ads on your site.

123 Linkit Wordpress plugin for the Commission Junction Affiliate
The 123Linkit is an auto Wordpress plugin that has the capability to locate and add affiliate links to your blog from Commission Junction. Installation of the 123Linkit plugin will pull affiliate links from Commission Junction and add them to blog posts saving you time that can be better used building content and other blogging duties.

As a Commission Junction Affiliate you can appreciate 123 Linkit as one of the best affiliate marketing plugins for this specific affiliate program.

Combining more than one Wordpress Affiliate plugin
A great example of using more than one plugin for affiliate marketing with Wordpress can be seen with 123Linkit to find the best performing content or affiliate links to promote and increase blog revenue. Incorporate the Affilinker plugin analytics along with 123Linkit as a viable combination that works wonderfully in sync.

These are several of the best Wordpress plugins for bloggers to promote your affiliate marketing. You can use one or more in combination to promote your affiliates to get the most traffic and best income resource contingent on which affiliate programs you belong to. The affiliate links or networks you use can determine which plugin for Wordpress is best for your blog.


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