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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Make a Million Dollars Blogging

There are a number of blogs that average thousands of dollars each month. Did you know there are also bloggers that have been fortunate enough to put together blogs capable of making millions of dollars? Blogs that make millions are not a pipe dream and a number of bloggers have done it. These are five blogs that make millions doing something that we all love to do, blogging.

BoingBoing is the creation of Mark Frauenfelder. In January of 2000 he founded BoingBoing and has a million dollar annual income with his blog.

BoingBoing is a blog with a genre of various topics that includes comics, science fiction, computers and technology. The blog has an amazing 22 million page views each month. Of the 22 million monthly page views, BoingBoing boasts an average of over 2.6 million unique visitors each month.

Running a blog of this size takes a lot of time and effort. There are four writers that post at least 20-40 new posts each day.

BoingBoing’s million dollar blog income is seen from advertisers. He sells ad space at $350 monthly for a small button and the banner ads receive 170,000 ad impressions each month. With traffic averaging one million views per day he can’t help but bring in a million dollars with ease.

ShoeMoney is the brain child of Jeremy Shoemaker. Founded in 2005, ShoeMoney makes approximately $20,000 each month and over $240,000 a year. Focusing on how to make money online has made ShoeMoney a success.

Traffic associated with ShoeMoney is approximately 20,000 unique visitors each day. The majority of the million dollar income that ShoeMoney sees comes from advertisements like Google AdSense, Self-products and AuctionAds.

Josh Marshall has made a success through sweat and hard work. Formerly a political reporter, Josh discovered that he could make a lot more money with his blogging efforts at

Founded in November of 2000, has a monthly income of $54,000 and an average income of approximately $650,000 each year. Politics is the name of the game with and the blog receives traffic that averages a half million visitors each week. Income for the million dollar blog is from affiliates and advertisements.

Perez Hilton is a famous blogger that many of us in the blog game are familiar with. is run by Mario Lavandeira who founded his blog in September 2004. He boasts he has the world’s celebrity blog.
Hard work has paid off and the income seen by shows it. Monthly the blog receives $110,000 and $1.32 million each year. He posts at least 20 times each day which brings in 4 million unique visitors per day.

The million dollar income is received by advertisement revenue. Advertisers that are interested in ad space with can expect to spend $13,000 per day for a banner.

Jake Dobkin is the owner for Gothamist which was founded in January 2003. Monthly the blog earns $50,000 and yearly Gothamist sees $600,000. The genre for Gothamist is diverse and is comprised of a variety of topics that surround New York City. For an example, he blogs about things to see in NYC, art, food and events.

The blog is updated with an average of 25 posts each day with more than 5 writers to create. The traffic for Gothamist is phenomenal with 7 million page views each month.

Income for Gothamist is seen from advertisers. This includes Google AdSense and selling ad space for the blog.

Working hard to make your blog work can actually pay off in a big way. These are five blogs that make millions of dollars doing something that we all enjoy. It goes to show that blogging can be a great income with hard work and making your blog work can make you a millionaire.

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