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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Make Money Blogging an Advice Column

Giving advice is right up most bloggers alley. This is the advantage of posting to a personal blog. There is the tendency to have some sort of personal viewpoint or opinion on a subject matter. The niche narrows  down the discussion, but the ball is in the bloggers court. A narrower perspective on the same concept is found with an advice column.

There is a wonderful opportunity for the right individual to grab in the form of delivering an advice column. The personality working best with this genre tends to be very opinionated, thick skinned and an expert in a field. Lots of columns fail because they only have two of these three ingredients.

Expertise is the most important and most individuals believe it is the least of their worries. Jumping into the business uninformed is where success fails. Find out more about the overall process of becoming one, the education and resources needed and some of the pitfalls to starting an advice column.


Blogging the Best Advice Column

 This is a sample of a rudimentary advice column. Teens make these all of the time on social media sites. They simply do not make the money possible for them.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

What to Do About Spammed Comments

For every blogger there are those comments you would do without and sleep better at night. These are typically those spammed comments. These are full of remarks which are unnecessary, unconnected, full of garbled words and links a decent blog can do without. The task of deleting these is tedious to say the least. Getting rid of these is easier than most people imagine.

With the amount of spammed comments received by a decent blog reaching hundreds a day, there simply isnt enough time to sort through these and accomplish other things during the average day. Even with a simple program included in platforms like Blogger tons of unwanted comments slip through. They are designed to look legit when they are anything but. There is an answer to getting these out of here and freeing up more time for blogging. 

Software for spam comments is a wonderful tool to have. Find out more about them and determine if they are something useful to blogging for more profit. 

Spammed comment software

Monday, April 13, 2015

Converting WordPress Comments into Money

Countless writers have taken the initiative to publish articles and blog posts using WordPress. This is a free to use platform which has been extremely beneficial financially for oodles of writers. In fact, WordPress has surpassed similar sites, such as Blogger, as a favorite among writers. The benefits are numerous and the possibilities are many. Any writer seeking additional ways to increase a client base does well to look in this direction. The site offers strategies tons of writers fail to consider. 
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Readers jump on a page and this is great. The numbers show loads of clients with an interest. The key is changing them into customers willing to pay for the service or product offered. One strategy producing immediate results is redirecting readers who comment to a thank you page.
 Find out more from a creative and informative prospective. Lisa Angelettie is a writer/editor/blogger with years of knowledge and know how which led to an extremely successful career in the field. Check out what she says about the how and why of using this method of madness to increase revenue.

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